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We have been devoting ourselves to the activity for commercial and household espresso machines,coffee equipments,coffee bean,spareparts and after service since our headquarter is founded 2016 in Shenzhen.We now can provide stronger competition ability and sales & after service possibility with bigger areas covering and logistics network thanks to our brand offices in Beijing and Shanghai opening.

We are importer and distributor for Saeco,Nivona,Rocket,Rancilio,Faema,Kees Van Der Westen,Laspaziale,Gime and Synesso for coffee machines,Mahlkonig,Mazzer,Macap and Comandante for coffee grinders,Portioli,Gimoka for coffee beans,and other coffee accessories or water treatment. We also provide design solution, training and consulting service for new bar or coffee store.

Our online store www.cafe188.com was launched in 2011 in the purpose to provide more convenient marketing response, where mainly sell coffee equipment, coffee machines and coffee accessories. Our sales network covers all provinces in China. We can provide all-round service for coffee and coffee machines by our offices and distributing networks around China.

With the principle of excellent credit creating good sales and the fundamental of taking care our customers with professional know-how, we are always focusing on the more challenges in the coffee industry. We now stand in the good front position in the coffee industrial thanks to our well-organized and professional team and our company principle, however, we cannot stop our step to be the well-known and good reputation international enterprise and leader in the segment of commercial and domestic coffee machines with top quality and good after service.




By providing the activity to introduce and promote the coffee equipments globally to our market more than 10 years, we now have built up a well-organized and full-experienced operation team and grow up to be a comprehensive coffee service provider from coffee equipments and raw materials supply to idea design, logistics management, training and service. Holding the concept of customers focusing and keeping on providing innovation service and excellent quality for coffee, we now are capable of providing systematic coffee solutions according to various needs.

Our milestones

    • 2004 Our Hong Kong company founded
    • 2006 Our Shenzhen HQ opened
    • 2008 Our Shenzhen branch office opened
    • 2013 Our Beijing branch office opened
    • 2015 Our shanghai branch office opened

      • 2004 Our HK company opened
      • 2006 Our HQ in Shenzhen founded
      • 2008 Our branch office in Shenzhen opened
      • 2013 Our branch office in Beijing opened
      • 2015 Our branch office in Shanghai opened

      Business sector









      擁有家用、商用,多品牌,全型號的咖啡機、磨豆機、烘焙機、凈水器、咖啡器皿以及咖啡豆、糖漿、牛奶、咖啡杯等周邊物料,提供咖啡設備和原物料一站式選購和采購實體店。已代理和經銷Saeco;Nivona;Faema;Rancilio;La Spaziale;Rocket;Gime;Kees;Synesso等品牌咖啡機,Mazzer、Macap、Comandante等品牌磨豆機,Portioli、Lavazza,Gimoka等品牌咖啡豆、DVA凈水設備,銷售1883、莫寧、法布芮等品牌糖漿,可提供從機器和物料至產品培訓和售后一站式無縫服務。

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